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RAINBOW - Rights Against INtolerance: Building an Open-minded World

Years: 2011, 2012, 2013
Programme: Fundamental rights and citizenship
Applicant: Centro di Iniziativa Gay Onlus
Partner: Arcigay (IT), SAPI - Social Activities and Practices Institute (BG), Jekino (BE), Bundesverband Jugend und Film e.V. (DE), COC Amsterdam (NL), Schools Out (UK), Arcilesbica Zami (IT), Consultoria de Antropologia Aplicada - FARAPI S.L. (ES), European Children Film Association (BE), Ararteko (ES)

Issue and Objectives

The project connects EU gay and lesbian associations, schools, media professionals promoting the rights of children and young people to their sexual identity and who fight against homophobia, in order to study stereotypes and challenge them with educational tools. An action-research targeted to education professionals (teachers mainly, but also educators of informal settings), as well as to children and young people, the final beneficiaries.


  • The knowledge of policies and theories related to gender stereotypes and homophobia in education at European level;
  • a comparative knowledge of the stereotypes related to gender roles and homosexuality;
  • a comparative knowledge of current experiences/projects taking place in schools;
  • the exchange of good practices and experiences between countries;
  • a knowledge of audiovisual existing products related to the subject of study;
  • the creation of an educational toolkit;
  • the test and evaluation of this educational toolkit;
  • the creation of a playful toolkit to be used for education to respect of sexual identity and fight against homophobia in informal educational settings with over 16 years olds;
  • the involvement of a broad network of actors in considering the issue of stereotypes and homophobia and in taking concrete actions to deal with them in school;
  • the dissemination of project results and outputs to the widest possible audience at European level.

Results and products

The main results achieved are the following: knowledge of stereotypes related to gender roles and homosexuality among teachers and students;the creation of an educational and a playful toolkit, composed of an audiovisual part and a paper (guide) part, to be disseminated ad possibly used in schools and in associations for educating to the respect of sexual identity and for fighting against homophobia.
The available products are:
  • research report;
  • DVD to be distributed in primary and secondary schools;
  • paper guide for teachers to the use of the DVD;
  • playful kit for adolescents to be used in their spare time within associations;
  • film festival for secondary schools;
  • DVDs distribution all over Europe;final conference;
  • new web site with all downloadable materials.

Project website: http://www.rainbowproject.eu
Contact person: Rebecca Zanuso

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