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Quality and services organisation

The quality of services has a direct impact on the quality of life of citizens.

In order to tackle this aspect, besides quality certification and accreditation, it is important to consider other actions: Synergia works according to the principle of the active participation of stakeholders within the framework of continuous learning.

It implies an involvement  of the customer in all phases of the work, since the very beginning of the project. In social services, which have a strong relational aspect, social workers guarantee the quality of delivery. But single professionals can not face problems all by themselves, they need to share with a participatory approach issues and solutions.

Round tables and workshops, aimed at creating protocols, self-evaluation tools, networking among services, as well as Job Satisfaction quantitative surveys, are in the experience of Synergia suitable ways of using and emphasizing their competencies. Evaluation tools and quality indicators, resulting from a segmentation of the service in its dimensions, represent a way to safeguard user’s rights, the other main stakeholder of the services. His/her point of view is crucial and his/her satisfaction is one of the fundamental outcomes to be reached by each service.

In order to easily and efficiently collect data about users’ opinions, whilst detecting the causal links between policy implementation and results, Customer satisfaction surveys, when used periodically, represent a reliable method which Synergia has been using for a long time, in order to give concrete suggestions in the process of continuous improvement of services.

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