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About us

Our mission
Synergia is a social research, training and consulting firm operatingsince 1989 in the field of welfare and cultural policy. Synergia is based in Milan, Italy.
In the past years, Synergia developed hundreds of projects for the public sector (Ministries, Regional governments, Local governments), for private companies (firms, foundations) and for the third sector (cooperatives, associations) also at international level, deploying solid scientific expertise with a strong commitment to operating efficacy and timely delivery.
Synergia acquired a strong know how on the issue of Social Information Systems, on the organisation of social and health services, on quality evaluation, on social needs and socio-demographic surveys on trend analysis.
Its work translates into projects in the areas of:

  • strategic support to targeted social action policies;
  • policy and services planning and evaluation;
  • quantitative and qualitative research about needs, expectations, behaviours of population groups;
  • trend and scenario analysis for understanding social and cultural change; 
  • organisation consulting;
  • supervision and training;
  • information systems implementation; 
  • thematic database development.

For the management of projects Synergia has a specific internal division dedicated to activities connected to elderly condition called Senior Consulting.

Since 2007 Synergia is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the planning, the development and the implementation of qualitative and quantitative social research; the planning, the development and the implementation of Social Information Systems; consulting and training. (Certificate N. 692 of the 31/01/2007).

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