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Training activities

Synergia produces “oriented knowledge”, which means applied research as a support to services and welfare policies.

Synergia offers training courses for social workers, services professionals and top managers: the contents are always related to field experiences.

For example, the planning and the implementation of Observatories and Social Information Systems, the improvement of services and the creation of sets of indicators, catalogues of best practices, tools for monitoring and evaluating activities, etc. become training contents to be discussed, evaluated, developed and possibly experimentally applied by the group of learners, whose work experience becomes a key element  in the training.

The trainers are researchers and counselors who actually use the techniques and theories proposed during the course; so, the training focus is always very empirical – how it works, what happens, how to solve problems – and the materials include operative tools. Synergia, in fact, does not propose “standardized training” but plans interactive courses based on the specific requests of the client and the competencies of the learners, adopting different methodologies and drawing on a large multidisciplinary professional group.

Master, courses and thematic seminars are, in conclusion, the way to translate, with the contribution of social workers and managers, the knowledge produce by research in tools to be used in their daily activities.

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