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Perspective in alcohol and drug consumption in Europe. Social and epidemiological oulooks of three European contexts

Autore/i: M. Riglietta, G. Viganò (edited by)
Editore: Franco Angeli, 2010

Introduction by Luigi Mauri and Laura Tidone

1. The Scottish context by Gerry Humphris, Alex Baldacchino, Jo Cecil and Tahira Akbar
1.1. East central Scotland addiction services fo NHS Tayside, Fife & Forth Valley
1.2. Country epidemiology on drug & alcohol
1.3. Health & social care systems in Scotland: general & drug and alcohol
1.4. The legal framework

2. The Italian context
2.1. Introduction by Marco Riglietta and Giovanni Viganò
2.2. Country epidemiology on alcohol use by Marco Riglietta and Giuliano Paterniti
2.3. Country epidemiology on drug use by Luca Biffi and Giovanni Viganò
2.4. Policies, services and interventions by Elvira Beato and Danilo Bolano

3. The Danish context by Lars Merinder and Lotte Sønderby
3.1. Country overview and the health and social care systems
3.2. Country epidemiology on drug & alcohol


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