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Non self-sufficiency and Social and health integration

Social and health integration represents one of the most significant challenges for long term care policies.
The ageing of population influences the emergence of social and health problems and the trend is on the increase. A growing demand for services is expected within the framework of innovations in policies targeted to disabled people. Let us refer to the introduction of ICF, the diffusion of individualised care plans and single points of access to services, the issue of taking charge of a patient if the family can not do it any longer, new perspectives of labour insertion, opportunities offered by new technologies, the overcoming of a sector logic, moving from the issue of frail elder and disability to that of non self- sufficiency.

The complex objective of an adequate integration of social and health policies, of different institutional actors (Regions, Health Departments, Municipalities and aggregates of municipalities), of health services, social health services, social services represents the base for an improvement of the efficiency of the welfare system and an increasing efficacy in terms of continuity of care.

Within this framework Synergia offers methodological and scientific support to the experimentation, the validation and the implementation of information tools for the case management, for multidimensional evaluation, for the processes of taking charge of a patient, for the implementation of information fluxes for the monitoring and the evaluation of social health integrated services (with particular reference to home and residential care).

Since many years we apply methodologies of multidimensional evaluation and individualised planning, as milestones of the care system for non self-sufficient patients. We promoted experimental projects about multidimensional evaluation at regional level, also through the application of ICF and we contributed to the development of regional accreditation systems.


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