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European Projects

Our support
Synergia helps European public and private organizations to set up and manage transnational projects on different social, health, work, culture, organizational innovation related topics. The multi-skilled and multi-language staff of Synergia has developed in the last years a high level specific experience in European fund raising on a wide range of specific European Programmes.
In particular Synergia:

  • helps public and private organizations in identifying the best funding solutions for the project to set up;
  • follows the entire process of fulfilment of the project proposal;
  • accompanies the organizations in the partnership building process providing wide and differentiated networks of public and private organizations all over Europe;
  • takes care of the scientific coordination of the project once it is funded;
  • develops research, consultancy and training interventions related to the financed project activities.

The international networks of Synergia are constituted by Ministries, Regional Authorities, Local Authorities, Local Health Authorities, NGOs, Associations, Universities, Research Institutes in every Member State of the European Union; they are differentiated by topic in order to cover all the relevant fields of interest of the wide welfare sector: elderly conditions and non-self-sufficiency, migration issues, minors and family related topics, women conditions and equal opportunities, labour and employability, planning of social and health services, quality assessment, etc.

Synergia has also developed in these very last years competences on ICTs and renewable energies related international projects.
Furthermore Synergia sets up specific and targeted training interventions addressed to public and private organizations in order to train the internal staffs on the set up and management of European Projects.

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