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Povertà diffuse e classi medie

Book review
Mutamento Sociale n.26 - Marzo 2010

Poverty is nowadays widely spread, also among the middle class. This book presents research done on this issue and highlights this novelty, i.e. the fact that those who were traditionally safe from poverty are now at risk. People having a precarious job or a poorly paid stable job and who do not receive support from their relatives. Their income is near the poverty line, something which makes them fragile with respect to a small decrease of income or any unexpected expense. In these situations poverty is not the effect of irreversible processes of social exclusion, but the outcome of a lifestyle, the instability of social relations, a frailty regarding work, family and welfare inadequacies.

Pete Alcock, Remo Siza, Povertà diffuse e classi medie, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2010

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