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La governance del territorio. Partecipazione e rappresentanza della società civile nelle politiche locali

Book review

[Mutamento Sociale n.33 - November 2011]

In recent years, the topic of local policy governance has become largely present not only in academic debate, but also in public discussion. Therefore, we have witnessed a widespread tendency to use such concept in order to take advantage of the great ambiguity that surrounds the phenomenon in Italy. What types of logics can be identified under this apparent chaotic form? What are the specific characteristics of local governance, particularly in the version that was adopted in Italy? What is the role of institutions in this new way of making public policy? What are the effects on the relations with civil society?
The book aims to provide an initial analysis of the phenomenon through a reasoned selection of concrete experiences, trying to bring out the main elements of local governance in italy, its strengths and weaknesses. The first part discusses the centrality of the phenomenon and its pervasiveness in the current decision-making processes, identifying more clearly its boundaries and historical antecedents. In the second part, the results of the analysis concerning specific tools for different policy areas are discussed: development agencies and regional agreements, ecological networks and Agenda 21, the Area Plan and the Regional Educational Laboratories, the local urban security agreements. Thanks to such variety of disciplinary approaches presented by the authors - political science, sociology and organizational studies - the book offers a concrete and plural glance at the phenomenon.

Matteo Bassoli, Emanuele Polizzi, La governance del territorio. Partecipazione e rappresentanza della società civile nelle politiche locali, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2011

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