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Quality Care for Quality Aging. European Indicators for Home Care

Years: 2009, 2010
Programme: Progress
Applicant: Regione Veneto
Partner: Municipality of Helsinki (FI), CdIE - Centro di Iniziativa Europea (IT), Regione Basilicata (IT), Fundación Comunidad Valenciana - Región Europea (ES), Municipality of Halandri (GR), UNCCAS - Union Nationale de Centres Communaux d'Action Sociale (FR), Municipality of Terrassa (ES), Technet Berlin (DE), Municipality of Brussels (BE), Ulss Veneto Orientale (IT)

Issue and Objectives

  • Developing a transnational shared and validated set of monitoring.
  • Assessment and performance indicators on quality delivered in Home Care.
  • Performing and improving innovative interventions addressed to non self sufficient old people assisted at home.
  • Disseminating and transferring across the countries existing best practices of Home Care.
  • Improving Home Care quality, accessibility and affordability.
  • Improving the capability of the Long Term Care public system to Support families.


  • Investigation about the relevant socio-demographic trends and the evolutions of elderly health conditions.
  • Analysis of European, national and regional legislation about long term care policies.
  • Selection of positive experiences of delivery of Home Care, with the case study technique.
  • Selection of appropriate quality guidelines.
  • Development of a set of indicators of quality assessment in the Home Care System.
  • Testing in a territorial healthcare service public agency.
  • Output evaluation.

Results and products

  • Context Analysis: a comparative analysis of socio-demographic trends and the evolutions of elderly health conditions in every single country and area of the project’s partners and an analysis of the European, national and regional legislation about long term care policies, in particular for what concerns Home Care systems.
  • Transnational album of good practices of monitoring and assessment in Home Care services.
  • Set of tested quality indicators for monitoring and assess Home Care services.

Contact person: Emilio Gregori

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