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GEMMA against Violence: Gender based Empowerment of Migrants through a Multiagency Approach

Years: 2016, 2017, 2018
Programme: Rights, Equality and Citizenship PROGRAMME (2014-2020)
Applicant: GRT
Partner: Compagnia Itinerante scral sociale (IT), Azienda ospedaliera Ca Granda ospedale di Niguarda (IT), Ecip Foundation (BG), EPAPSY - Association for Regional Development and Mental Health (GR), Helsinki Deaconess Institute (FI), SOS Racismo Guipuzcoa (ES), Farapi Koop. Elk. (ES)

Issue and Objectives

The International Organization for Migration (2010) recognises migrants and ethnic minorities as more vulnerabile to violence and identifies migrants women as doubly vulnerable (because of this status and their gender). Although International Organizations (WHO, 2005 & Unicef, 2000) highlight violence against women as a significant global problem and studies in Europe confirm that specific groups, such as women belonging to minority groups, indigenous and migrants are more vulnerable, making up a significant percentage of women who report intimate partner violence (PACE, 2009), many policy and programmatic interventions exist in isolation and often they are not specifically targeted to violence survivors belonging to migrant/ethnic minorities or they focus on addressing the symptoms only (IOM, 2013). GEMMA Project intends to promote the implementation and ratification of the existing human rights instruments (UNDAW, 2008 and Compendium of International Migration Law UN, 2006) in the UE by developing a coordinated multisectoral approach in order to effectively address and tackle the root causes of violence and properly assist migrant/ethnic minority women survivors of violence.


  • Preliminary analysis of contexts, state of knowledge about gender-based violence within migrant and ethnic minority communities, mapping of services and data about the phenomenon; good practices of targeted intervention and multidisciplinary/multiagency strategies.
  • Development of the European integrated and targeted model and programme (GEMMA Community Strategy Protocol).
  • Pilot of the programme in each local partnership site.
  • Monitoring of the project and Evaluation of the strategy for refinement.
  • Dissemination of results and key deliverables.

Results and products

  • Improved knowledge on legislation, standard and targeted protective measures and quantification of cases of migrant/ethnic minority individuals survived to violence in close or intimate relationships in the European context.
  • Improved knowledge about services (health, psycho-social, legal, educational, law enforcement authorities) dealing with migrant/ethnic minority individuals victims of violence.
  • Identification of health, psycho-social and legal needs among migrant/ethnic minority survivors of violence.
  • Identification and exchange of international good practices of existing multiagency treatment, support, empowerment and prevention programmes for migrant/ethnic minority survivors and perpetrator of violence.
  • Definition of the GEMMA "Responsible Community" Strategy interagency operative protocol and production of related local protocols in each country.
  • Improved networking among services in each partner country, especially in the medical, psycho-social, and legal field.
  • Increased awareness, empowerment and wellbeing of local migrant communities.
  • Improved expertise and awareness among professionals in interagency cases management within a culturally sensitive approach.
  • Improved services experience of migrant/ethnic minority women survivors of violence.

Contact person: Giovanni Viganò

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