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Planning of services

During the current process of transformation of the welfare system (from Welfare State to Welfare Community), local governments become central in the planning of services, both in the relationship with other public institutions and as a guarantor of the rights of citizens.

The national law 328/2000 defines in new terms the relationship between the local government and the other actors of the territory, assigning to the first a directive role, whilst respecting the principle of cooperation between the actors participating in the decision-making process. Within this framework, local administrations acquire new functions (administrative, planning, direction, project-management, organisation and control) to be exercised on the integrated system of social services.

Synergia developed during the years an ample curriculum in the area of planning of services, acquiring a strong expertise in the analysis of social policy and social phenomena.

In this field Synergia offers support to public administrations for building an integrated system of policies and services and for their evaluation. In particular, it offers consultancy, technical assistance, training to Regional administrations, Social agencies, municipalities, Health administrations in order to analyse social demand and evaluate social needs; to define and evaluate social and health policies; to write Social Plans and guidelines; to plan new tools and working experiences through the exchange of good practices; to monitor innovation and to evaluate the transferability potential of actions and services.

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